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Magical Mint Mate (Guayaki)

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Guayaki | Paraguay This is a bagged yerba mate tea. I went through a period a few years ago when I drank yerba mate of all types all the time. I enjoyed drinking it cool during the Summer. This version would be very good cool because it isn't just yerba mate but also peppermint leaf, spearmint leaf and stevia.

This tea has a nice minty smell with a little bit of yerba mate's typical grassy elements. There is almost no grassy taste. Most of the flavor is made up of mint tastes and is almost sweet because of the stevia. This is a very easy tea to drink for non yerba lovers. It would be a great gateway yerba tea.

I really like this tea, I like to drink it and I will continue to drink it but it isn't really a great tea. It is just very easy to drink a lot of with the normal yerba benefits. Trying to pick a rating was a tough one. I went with 3 because as yerba teas go it wasn't super amazing, kind of middle of the road. Even though I enjoyed it quite a bit I stuck with 3 stars and would recommend it to everyone.

Guayaki has their own rain forest preserve in Paraguay and work with conservation efforts all over South America. I put a little star in my review notebook where this Magical Mint Mate tea comes from and then some tea dropped on it. The smudged ink looks about like Paraguay so I thought I would add that because I have no tea leaves to include.

  • Rating: 3 Stars
  • Water: Spring House spring water.
  • Prep: 150 deg, 10 minutes
  • I drank the whole cup.
  • I was listening to the chirping birds outside.

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